Source Code/Project

Throughout the years, I have written many various applications including desktop applications, mobile applications (iOS and Android), and various web applications. Although there are a lot of applications here, this isn't all the applications I've written. Unfortunately, some of the applications I've written have gotten lost in the shuffle. Below, broken into categories, are different applications I've written for class assignments at MATC, projects for MATC, personal projects, and other learning programs (Free Code Camp, Udacity, etc.). Please note that most of the code was written while learning and the code has generally improved over the years.

Web Applications

Obviously since these are web applications, the code is based in HTML and CSS. Many of the applications (web pages/small web sites) also generate dynamic content on the server side using PHP, collect data from mySQL databases, and use javascript and javascript frameworks for interactive front end development. Click here to view a list of web programming apps.

Desktop Applications

When I first started at MATC, I wanted to learn how to program so I could develop desktop applications. However, with the migration of a lot of computing to mobile devices and the increased power of web-based programs, much of my studies were focused on web and mobile programming after an introduction to desktop programming. I did write many simple desktop applications though and even took an advanced OOP course where I was able to work with C and C++ programming. I also wrote desktop programs in C# and Java. Click here for further sorted categories of desktop applications.

Mobile Applications

Generally speaking, mobile applications are basically apps for iOS and Android. I enjoy mobile application development, but also find it to be challenging and frustrating. I found developing iOS apps to be difficult because swift is a pretty different language from the other languages I've worked with. Android I enjoy much more mainly because I'm a huge Android fan/user and because it's apps are usually developed in Java which I'm fimilar with (although they are pushing Kotlin now). Android was also challenging to learn because I took an advanced course that introduced me to working with frameworks and APIs that I previously hadn't had much if any experience with. Click here to view my Android and iOS apps. Due to the nature of mobile applications (especially iOS), only the source code in the Android Studio or xCode projects is available.